Have you always wanted to get into stand up paddle boarding but never had the space or money to buy your own board? The bottom of the paddle board allows it to track easily through the water even with a heavier boarder using it. It may not be as easily transported as an iSUP but there are other benefits to a rigid board and this one has built-in carrying handles to ensure that it is as easy to carry as possible.

The fact that iSUPs are slightly larger than hard boards means that they can catch waves fairly easily - even small ones - so if you choose an inflatable board you might find yourself out on the water more regularly. Whether you're into fun little shore breaks or the pristine flat water of your favorite local lake or river, an inflatable paddle board helps you get there that much quicker.

The 2016 Cascade paddle board systems includes a new-style Bravo high-pressure, dual-action pump with a gauge. The NIXY paddle board comes with an adjustable oar, as mentioned, as well as a carry bag that has wheels, a high pressure pump, and a leash to make sure you won't lose the board in case you fall off.

Other than that, the NIXY inflatable paddle board is an all around good choice on this list. If you are a beginner SUP surfer, or are trying to get into SUP surfing, and you still want a board where you can use it on other occasions with family and friends on flat water this is an outstanding choice.

When the warm weather hits, and you do not like the idea of yet another 5-mile run, enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise on a stand up inflatable paddleboard. These versatile, multi-purpose boards are great first time boards because they allow you to explore all aspects of the sport with only one board.

The board is easy to paddle, store and transport. The most versatile paddle boards that you can travel & paddle anywhere with. Surf-style paddle boards come in a variety of shapes but tend to be more round at the nose and shorter than an overall board or touring board.

If you find anything that has the potential to let water into your SUP board, get it taken care of immediately. It is a lightweight paddle board, easy to transport whether it is inflated or not. The Aquaglide Cascade 11'0′ inflatable paddle board with backpack and pump is a great buy at $799.

This affordable iSUP is designed make a paddler's life easier— be it a newbie interested in learning the sport, a SUP Yogi or a SUP pro who finds it hard to travel with their traditional paddleboard. If only hard boards existed, there would certainly be a lot less people taking them on holiday, or even just bunging in the back of the car and going for a paddle after work or on a weekend.

The best surf SUP for big guys probably comes from The Red Paddle Co, who produce boards which can be filled up to 25 PSI - significantly higher than many other brands. inflatable stand up paddle board Harder to track: In stand-up paddleboarding, you paddle on one side and then switch, left or right.

It paddles fairly well and with its foamy construction it can definitely take a beating both in and out of the water. Like all the boards I tried, the Qi Crossover is an all-round board - but Quroc also have a sports and touring board, the Qi AllWater 12'6, which is longer and faster, but less suitable for use in surf.

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